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Museum now open

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By Fiona Reid
Museum now open

MOFFAT Museum has opened for the 2022 season.

It is packed with information and exhibits about the town and the surrounding area, as well as an exhibition about Merlin which details his links to the local area.

And this year’s special exhibition focuses on ‘The Development of Moffat as a Spa Town’.

The Museum has also established a reading/research area and has some local historical film that can be viewed by visitors.

The site is wholly run by volunteers and the schedule of opening days is linked to their availability.

More volunteers are urgently needed to enable the museum to extend its opening days and times.

A spokeswoman said: “You don’t need to know anything about local history, we just need you to be welcoming to visitors. We’re a friendly bunch of people and you’ll be well supported.

“Speak to one of our volunteers to find out more or e mail [email protected].”

For full information on opening times go to

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