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Murder maggots set to return to London

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By Fiona Reid
Murder maggots set to return to London

IT’S the last chance to see the Moffat murder maggots before they go back to London.

Moffat Museum’s successful exhibition on The Moffat Ravine Murders- the Birth of Modern Forensics has only a few more weeks to run. It will end on Saturday October 28, when the museum closes for the winter, and The Ruxton Maggots will then be returned to the Natural History Museum in London.

A spokesperson said: “This hugely successful exhibition has generated much local interest as well as many visitors from further afield. Whilst many people in Moffat were aware of the macabre events of 1935, they have been fascinated to learn about the importance of the groundbreaking police and forensic investigations that resulted in the conviction of Dr Buck Ruxton.

“Museum volunteers have enjoyed welcoming visitors to the exhibition and listening to the stories they bring about their personal connections to and interest in this important case.”

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25th May

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By Fiona Reid | DNG24