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Murder maggots secured for display

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By Christie Breen
Murder maggots secured for display

MOFFAT Museum’s new display about a historic murder will feature some important creepy crawlies.

The new exhibit will showcase the details of the Ruxton murders which occurred in 1935. On Sunday September 29 that year two dismembered bodies were found in a ravine near the town.

They were later identified as Isabella Ruxton and Mary Rogerson.

The case was an important breakthrough for the field of forensic science, as it was the first time maggots were used to determine the victims time of death.

The bluebottle fly larvae found on the two bodies helped investigators provide a timeframe in which the bodies must have been disposed of and helped lead police to the killer.

Those maggots from the Ruxton murders are now part of the fly collection at the Natural History Museum in London.

And Moffat Museum has successfully applied for a £500 grant from the town’s community council to courier the preserved maggots from London to be part of the display.


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By Christie Breen | DNG24