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MSP leads puppy trafficking debate

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By Tom Hanley
Annan and Eskdale
MSP leads puppy trafficking debate

SPANIELS were invited into the Scottish Parliament this week by South Scotland MSP Emma Harper, as she lead a debate about illegal puppy trafficking.

Ms Harper outlined her concerns about the ruthless puppy trading industry as she said: “The illegal farming and trafficking of puppies is an abhorrent breach of animal welfare and can also be linked to serious and organised crime.
“One of the issues is in the welfare of these puppies that are being bred in industrial sized numbers in factory-like conditions.
“As many as 500 bitches have been verified in one facility. How can a bitch and pups receive the human contact that they need to be a good pet if they are not afforded human contact when bred in such massive numbers?”
The Scottish SPCA welcomed the debate as they have been spear-heading the fight against the ruthless puppy trading industry, and they gave advice to anyone considering buying a puppy.
“Trafficked pups often look fine when they are purchased, but problems will begin to show at a later stage. By which time money has exchanged hands and the selling agent is long gone.
“We want to remind anyone looking to buy a puppy over the festive period please only go to reputable breeders, a list of breeders can be provided by the Kennel Club.”
Chief Inspector John Chisholm issued information about the organisations that the police are working with and added: “When trafficked pups reach their new owner via the dealers, they often develop diseases such as parvo virus and giardia.
“Often the young dogs die from these diseases which is extremely distressing for the owners.”
Anyone with concerns or information about puppy trafficking should call our SPCA’a animal helpline on 03000 999 999. All information is received in strict confidence and can be left anonymously.


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