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MPs keep quiet on Tory leadership race

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By Fiona Reid
MPs keep quiet on Tory leadership race

DUMFRIES and Galloway’s two Conservative MPs have not yet disclosed who they’re backing in their party’s leadership race.

Earlier this week, Dumfriesshire member David Mundell told DNG Media: “Having hoped that Defence Secretary Ben Wallace would enter the contest, and with him deciding not to, I don’t intend to make any public endorsements at this time.

“I will be speaking to each of the candidates to establish where they stand on the issues that are most important to me and my constituents, such as their plans to grow the economy, secure more good, well-paid jobs and help families through the cost of living crisis, and cast my votes after considering their answers.”

However, there was silence from Dumfries and Galloway MP, and Scottish Secretary, Alister Jack on his preferred choice.

Meanwhile, South Scotland Labour MSP Colin Smyth has blasted the pair for not nominating a candidate.

He said: “It’s a bit embarrassing for our region’s MPs that they couldn’t be bothered putting forward a nomination for their own leader. It begs the question if they don’t think any of the candidates are good enough to be nominated, why should the public think they are good enough to be Prime Minister?

“Our local MPs will have known each candidate personally for many years so any claims they hadn’t made up their mind won’t be believed by anyone. I suspect this is a classic case of them hedging their bets and waiting to see who the front runner is, then backing them in the hope that if they do win, they will give them a job.”


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