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Motorway danger warning

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By Fiona Reid
Motorway danger warning

YOUTHS were seen dicing with death by running across the motorway on Monday evening.

Police Scotland received three separate calls in ‘quick succession’ reporting three young males crossing the busy M74 at Ecclefechan at around 6.30 pm.

Officers attended immediately and sergeant Scott McDowall, based at Annan, said: “Clearly this caused a bit of concern and we’ll be doing a wee bit of work and information in the schools in respect of this given the obvious dangers.

“As well as the extreme danger, involved no pedestrians should be on the motorway other than an emergency situation. Aside from the dangers involved, it is also illegal.

“The advice would be not to use it as a shortcut or for any other purpose on foot.

“Regardless of the time of day, there are always high speed vehicles on the motorway.”

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