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Mothering instinct

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By Fiona Reid
Mothering instinct

AN owl has successfully hatched a chicken egg and bonded with the new born chick.

Bubba, a Turkmanian Eagle Owl, arrived at Camplebridge Riding School, Thornhill a few years ago as an ex-breeding bird who needed a new home. She settled in well but this year became very broody.

Mel Kinkead from the riding school explained what happened next: “With the lockdown about to start we wanted to see if we needed to order anything in that would help her. When Googling we found that a German zoo had faced the same problem and had given their Eagle Owl some chicken eggs to sit on, so we did the same with some of our free range eggs.”

Early this week one of those eggs hatched and Bubba instantly bonded to the chick and claimed it as its own. Mel said: “The chick has imprinted to her and they are so content.”


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