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More endometriosis pain clinics needed – says MP

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By Fiona Reid
More endometriosis pain clinics needed - says MP

FURTHER action to help ease a painful condition affecting up to one in ten women is being pursued by a local politician.

Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell admits he was shocked by just how many of his constituents are affected by endometriosis after meeting south of Scotland campaigners.

He has taken up their cause highlighting, the eight and a half year waiting list in Scotland for treatment, only marginally longer than that south of the border.

Mr Mundell, who late last year chaired a Westminster debate on the issue, expressed the hope greater public focus on endometriosis will encourage NHS decision-makers to invest more on increasing specialist clinic capacity.

He has also sought more research aimed at improving the quality of life of those trying to cope with endometriosis and/or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), another long-term painful condition within the female reproductive system.

The frequently agonising symptoms occur when tissue similar to that which lines the uterus grows more widely causing inflammation and scarring.

Acknowledging the covid pandemic’s enormous pressure on the NHS, the MP pledged continued support for campaigners in seeking improvements ‘as soon as possible’ to decrease diagnosis times and the ‘alarming’ long wait before actual treatment.

Mr Mundell revealed that whilst there was no current cure for endometriosis, there were hopes that more effective treatments, with fewer side-effects, were on the horizon.

He said: “Endometriosis and PCOS have for too long been amongst serious painful conditions, which, for some, have been almost a taboo conversation topic.

“That is clearly wrong and these all too common long-term chronic conditions must be higher up the NHS funding and training agenda.”

Furthermore, Mr Mundell presented a £400 donation to Endometriosis UK’s south of Scotland branch. The money was raised through his participation in political surveys.

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