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Moorland for sale

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By Fiona Reid

LANGHOLM Moor has been put up for sale.

The Buccleuch Group this week announced that, following a land review, they intend to sell 25,000 acres, stretching from Auchenrivock in the south to Hartsgarth in the north. In addition to the moor, much of the area is farmland, currently farmed by the estate. There are also a small number of farm tenancies, which will continue as they are under new ownerships and blocks of forestry.

A community consultation will take place over the proposed sale, which can be accessed online at and in local community hubs.

Buccleuch executive chairman Benny Higgins said: “The completion of the Langholm Moor project gave us an opportunity to look at what the moor’s future should be within the wider Buccleuch portfolio of landholdings. That review led us to the conclusion that marketing the moor area for sale was our preferred option. The decision is very much in line with our business’s stated aim of reducing the Buccleuch footprint while enabling us to invest in priority projects.”

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