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MoD to hold exercise

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By Fiona Reid
MoD to hold exercise

A MILITARY exercise will take place in the region next month.

The MoD will be conducting a ‘medium scale exercise’ from the area of Eastriggs in the east through to West Freugh in the West between July 4-29.

There will be low level activity as a result, including vehicles moving on various roads in the region.

And there may be some helicopter activity which will be limited and away from habitated areas where possible.

However, the MoD say there should be little or no effect on local communities in the area.

Tam Salter is the 24 hour contact for the exercise and should be notified of any concerns or complaints on 07747791140.

In addition, low flying complaints can be addressed to the MoD Complaints and Enquiries Unit via email at [email protected].

Dumfries and West

24th May


By Fiona Reid | DNG24