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Missing parrot plea

By Fiona Reid
Missing parrot plea

A MOFFAT family have issued a plea to help get their cherished pet parrot home before Christmas.

African Grey parrot Fred went missing in the Tank Wood area of Moffat on Saturday morning.

Owner Jane Brackenridge said: “He must be very cold and hungry. He is a very picky feeder anyway, but much of our native bird food is not good for him.

“African Grey parrots travel up to a hundred miles a day to feed, and then travel the hundred miles or so back again to roost at night.

“We are worried that the stormy, wild weather we had on Saturday might have forced Fred a long way off and he won’t have the learned navigational skills necessary to find his way home.”

Jane added: “We are very concerned for him as he is on a restricted diet and does not like the dark. “He doesn’t have any road sense and other birds may try to mob him.

“His family miss him very much and just want him home.”

However, owner Jane has also issued a warning that Fred is trained to step up on a perch but he does not feel comfortable stepping on to people’s hands and, like all parrots, when stressed can bite.

Anyone who may have spotted Fred or has any information on his whereabouts can call Jane on 07803766311

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