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Missing fence injury concerns raised

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By Euan Maxwell
Dumfries and West
Missing fence injury concerns raised

A CONCERNED Dumfries resident believes a missing fence on a popular walking route could lead to people getting injured.

Mary Grant contacted the Dumfries Courier with her concern that the path to the blue bridge on the Sandside side, near to College Street, had been broken.

The fence was replaced temporarily but it hasn’t resolved the issue as the replacement fence had fallen down a steep hill.

And Mary believes if anyone loses their balance and fell down the hill they could end up with a serious injury.

She said: “I noticed two big panels of fence had been broken and thrown down the hill.

“I tried to make a temporary replacement to make it safer. I phoned the council several times,

“I’m really concerned as I care about the community and feel it’s dangerous because there’s a big gap.

“I fear that if it is dark that some people could lose their footing and fall down that steep hill.

“It’s a popular walking route and I was concerned about people who may be using the path during the Easter holidays.”

A council spokesman yesterday responded that they were ‘aware of the issue with the fence’.

He added: “We have arranged for staff to visit the site this afternoon (Thursday) to erect barriers and make the area safe.

“We will then arrange for the permanent repair of the fence to be carried out.”

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