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Military exercise notification

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BETWEEN the 13th and the 25th of October 2019

The MoD will be conducting a low level exercise in the Galloway Forest area. The exercise will involve ground based activity in the following areas:



In particular, there will be increased traffic on these roads:

West Freugh Airfield to Galloway Forest

Glentrool Forest area (Glentrool to Straiton Road)

Drigmorn/Fleet basin (A712)

A75 when moving between locations.

24 hour contacts:

Tam Salter, DI0 SD Trg Scotland, Forthview House, Rosyth

KY11 2BL, Telephone: 01383648666

Additional out of hour contacts:

Low flying complaints: MoD Complaints and Enquiries Unit,

Telephone: 01780417558

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