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Messy cemetery car park is a ‘disgrace’

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Messy cemetery car park is a ‘disgrace’

A CAR park at Annan Cemetery has been branded ‘a disgrace’ - with large mounds of sand and earth left piled on top of parking spaces.

Questions have been asked about the general state of the pothole-laden car park, and why workmen have not moved the materials into a large secluded work area at the centre of the cemetery.
Pointing to the mess, community councillor Sylvia Moore said: “Look at this – folk are stressed enough without coming to all this mess.
“Why did they have to dump that there when they’ve got a gateway into the centre?
“It’s not right.”
In addition to the piles of sand and earth, which are currently taking up between eight and ten parking spaces in the corner of the car park, Mrs Moore points to the potholes in the tarmac and the lack of plants in bedding areas around the car park.
She said: “They could put something in there to brighten it up a bit.
“It’s a bit of a disgrace, really. I think it’s awful.”
Issues have also been raised by community councillors about litter, and fallen branches which have not been cleared.
Noting a positive development, Mrs Moore points out that a number of sunken graves in the cemetery itself have now been raised as part of a programme undertaken by people serving Community Payback orders.
She said: “They made not too bad a job, but the weather was against them all the time.”
A Dumfries and Galloway Council spokesman said: “A mix of sand and soil is used to prepare and level dropped graves.
“Unfortunately, the heavy goods vehicle that delivers the sand is too large to access the Old Tree Nursery so the material is dropped off in its current location.
“It is usually moved quite quickly but due to an operational issue it has remained where it is for longer than usual. It will be moved as soon as possible.”
Addressing issues with litter, the spokesman added: “People should by respectful in any cemetery and place litter in a bin or take it home.”

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