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Menopause resources

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By Fiona Reid
Menopause resources

A RAFT of new resources have been released to mark World Menopause Day, which fell this week.

NHS 24 has launched the new resources on NHS Inform, Scotland’s trusted health information site.

They  include information about what to expect whether you’re going through the menopause or want to support someone with symptoms.

Women’s Health Minister Maree Todd said: “Women have told us, and evidence shows, that when they are well informed about the menopause, and know what to expect, their experience can be more positive. Knowledge, information and myth busting is powerful.

“I am pleased to see this comprehensive menopause platform on NHS Inform, a key deliverable from our recently published Women’s Health Plan.

“We want to ensure that anyone experiencing menopause has the care and support that they need, and this platform is an important step in achieving that aim.”

Dr Laura Ryan, Medical Director at NHS 24, said: “Menopause can affect everyone differently, and many of us are still unfamiliar with the common symptoms, how these might present, and what to expect if you or someone you know is going through ‘the change’.

“World Menopause Day aims to raise awareness of these and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing.  Our new resources on NHS Inform are clinically assured and contain lots of information on signs of menopause, potential treatments, managing your wellbeing, and supporting others through their own symptoms. The resources also include ways to manage symptoms with some self-care, and what to do if you feel concerned that your experiences are unusual.

“Sometimes the menopause can have impacts on lots of aspects of life including self-esteem and mental health. These resources are a great way to feel knowledgeable about the experience and empowered in taking any next steps.”

Visit for the updated information.


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