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Meeting will give A75 villagers ‘chance to vent’

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Meeting will give A75 villagers ‘chance to vent’

A PUBLIC meeting will take place next week following a spate of accidents on the A75.

Galloway and West Dumfries MSP Finlay Carson is hosting the event for residents in Crocketford and Springholm, with the support of the Crocketford Community Initiative.

He wants to give them the chance to vent their growing concerns and heighten the urgent need for two by-passes around the villages.

Mr Carson said: “Enough is enough and the Scottish Government must now act swiftly to prevent further fatalities and serious injuries on this road.

“I know there is a lot of anger within both communities that their lives are being put at serious risk on a daily basis. Many say they have simply had enough and want firm commitments from the Scottish Government that it will bring forward plans to bypass both villages immediately.

“The villagers have waited long enough and hopefully there will be a good turnout at this public meeting to allow residents to make their views crystal clear.”

He also wants the Government to consider putting in average speed cameras until the bypasses are built, adding: “We should not look at accident rates in isolation in theses villages but also the impact on residents quality of life with these HGV passing only feet from their doors.

“I have lived next to the A75 all my life and witnessed the aftermath of hundreds of accidents, far too many of which resulted in loss of life.”

Ann Botel, chairman of the Crocketford Community Initiative, welcomed the meeting and said: “I am really pleased that the residents will get the chance to discuss how things need to be improved. We cannot thank Finlay enough for organising the meeting as the stark reality of the accident involving the two HGVs brought it home to a large number of villagers what could happen.”

It will take place on Monday night from 6 pm in Crocketford Village Hall.

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