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Meet the ‘Never Wells’

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By Fiona Reid
Meet the 'Never Wells'

SUMMER is apparently on its way.

And it can’t come too soon for my family.

Since I returned to work six weeks ago, we’ve had a constant stream of bugs.

Someone, parent and/or child, has been ill literally every week. The medicine cupboard is bare and there’s not a drop of Calpol to be found.

From Sixth disease, to a bad bout of bronchitis, as well as teething pains, sore throats, high temperatures and body rashes – we’ve had it all. There’s been a trip to hospital for the baby and countless GP visits for all of us as well.

And this week’s ‘delight’ is scarlet fever, which has struck daughter number two.

I don’t recall the last night the whole house slept soundly and I’m starting to feel – and probably look – like a zombie.

I bought some Vitamin C tablets today, but it’s probably a case of shutting the door after the horse has bolted. Surely we’ve built up our immune system now?

And surely we’ve had our fair share of sickness for the whole of 2015…

Roll on the better weather to brighten us all up and kill off the germs once and for all.




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