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Masked men fright

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By Joseph Gartly
Annan and Eskdale
Masked men fright

A WOMAN has been left unable to sleep after two men in masks tried to gain access to her Annan home pretending to be the police.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was left shaken after the pair appeared at her door in Cragnair Park on Saturday evening at about midnight.

The two males, who she believes to be in their 20s, knocked on the door and claimed to be the police. However, when the woman looked out of her window there were two men in hooded jumpers, with one wearing a ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask.

She said: “I was in bed and just after 12 am I had a knock on the door and somebody said it’s the police.

“I went to the window and saw two young men there.

“One was wearing a mask and another had his hood up covering his face, they were asking for somebody, but I couldn’t make out who.

“I told them they had the wrong address, but they said it was the right one.

“One was looking through the gates into my garden.”

She added: “I think it was due to AROM and they were just chancing it as a lot of people are out on the day.”

The woman initially called the non-emergency police number and two police vans arrived within ten minutes.

Although officers stressed to her it was likely to be an isolated incident, she says she’s been left upset by it and added: “It was the first time that has happened to me, or anything of that sort has happened on this street.

“It made me feel very uncomfortable and I struggled to sleep.”

Commenting, a spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland received a report in the early hours of Sunday July 8 concerning what appeared to be two young males causing a disturbance outside a house in Craignair Park in Annan.

“Officers attended, however no-one was traced in the area.

“It appears that a nearby party may have been the source of the those responsible.

“The two are described as male, in his 20s, about 5’8” tall, and was wearing a dark coloured hooded top with the hood pulled over his face. The other was male, about 5’11” tall, blonde hair and was wearing a white coloured hooded top and a ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask.”

Anyone who can help identify those responsible should call police at Annan on the 101 number, and quote reference number 0156 of 8/7.

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