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Man runs over workmate after ‘sex allegation’

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By Euan Maxwell
Dumfries and West
Man runs over workmate after ‘sex allegation’

A DUMFRIES man who drove over a work colleague after being confronted about a sex allegation will be sentenced next month.

Nathan Crawford hit his victim, who was left dangling from the bonnet of the 25 year-old’s Proton Satria car, on June 1.

After the man eventually fell from the motor, Crawford went on to run over the teenager as he lay stricken on the ground near a park in Dumfries.

A judge heard how shocked witnesses yelled at Crawford, who continued driving despite having a badly smashed windscreen.

He went on to set fire to his car near a church, but was held for the attack that night.

He is now behind bars after appearing this week at the High Court in Glasgow.

He pled guilty to three charges including assaulting the man to his severe injury and permanent impairment and will be sentenced next month.

Crawford and his victim were workmates at a roof tiling company. The victim was with friends at a park near Jock’s Loaning, near to Poplar Road, waiting to get a lift from Crawford.

Prosecutor David Dickson said one of the group there had earlier reported to police “allegations of a sexual nature” against Crawford.

Mr Dickson: “It was agreed among them that when Crawford arrived they would confront him.

“As one of those there put it: ‘We just wanted to hear what he had to say for himself’.”

After Crawford turned up, he stayed in his vehicle and denied the accusation. The victim thought Crawford was going to drive away and stood at the back of the car.

But, he reversed initially knocking his colleague over. Another young man also ended up on the ground hurt.

The victim got up and stood in front of the motor about 20 steps away.

Mr Dickson added: “Witnesses estimated the car was driven at 20-30mph.

“His victim did not have time to get out of its path. Crawford drove at him and he landed on the bonnet of the car.”

Crawford drove on “for some distance” up onto grass near a playpark before his victim slumped off.

Mr Dickson added: “The victim was still lying on the ground and had not moved since falling off the bonnet.

“Crawford drove over the victim – the left hand side of the vehicle went straight over his body.”

Shocked witnesses dialled 999 before the victim was rushed to hospital. He was there for five days after suffering fractures at his pelvis.

After the incident, Crawford drove for three miles with a smashed windscreen and torched the car close to Holywood Church in Dumfries.

He later told police: “I thought people were going to smash my car.”

The other two charges Crawford pled guilty to were culpable and reckless conduct as well as attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Lady Haldane remanded him in custody as sentencing was deferred for reports.


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