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Make your place your happy space

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By Fiona Reid
Make your place your happy space

DID you know that living in an organised, decluttered home is linked to a happier life?

That’s according to The Happiness Research Institute in Denmark

And professional organiser Mel Carruthers, of Dumfries, above, is this winter focusing on ‘Making your place your happy space”, which was also the theme for this year’s National Organising Week.

She believes that organising your home better can create an environment which is positive and supportive to happiness and wellbeing.

Mel said: “We are living through difficult times. As organisers, we are increasingly finding that homes are being bombarded with consumerism that’s impacting negatively on the way we feel and behave.

“Do you feel like your home is stressful and disorganised? Are you trying to get things in order to help navigate life right now? Worried about the state of your home as we head into Christmas?”

Her top tips for how to create your happy space are:

* Declutter by removing items you no longer need or love

* Organise

* Create functional zones, e.g. designated workspace, relaxation area, dining space

* Personalise it and surround yourself with the things that make you smile

* Choose colours that resonate with you and opt for good lighting that brightens your space and lifts your spirits

* Bring nature in with plants of flowers

* Maintain your home’s cleanliness and organisation

Mel added: “Creating a happy space in your home is not just a decorative or organisational chore; it’s an investment in your well-being. Your home has the power to influence your mental and emotional state, your creativity, and your overall happiness.”

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