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Make learning fun

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By Fiona Reid
Make learning fun

SORTING the washing, reading the restaurant menu, writing a birthday card - these are all easy and simple ways you can help your child to read, write and count well.

Learning can be fun, as these suggestions show.
Why not count the steps to your front door, let them pay on the bus, cook together, pair up socks, get them to unpack the shopping working out which items are the heaviest and lightest or look at the labels in the supermarket to spot the healthy products?
Word games like I Spy are another good way of promoting literacy, according to the Read, Write, Count initiative.
It’s a Government led campaign aimed at children in primaries 1-3.
The message is that families have a key role to play in helping their children to read, write and count well.
And mums, dads and carers are being encouraged to include these skills in their everyday activities, such as walking around the supermarket or when travelling home from school.
Education Secretary Angela Constance said: “Ensuring children read, write and count well early is key to their success at school and in life. There’s lots of really good work already underway across Scotland and Read, Write, Count will bring some exciting new and fun ideas into the mix.
“Crucially, it will encourage parents and families to play a key role in helping their children – something all the evidence suggests can have a big impact on how well children do at school.”
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