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Mail bosses apologise for delivery delays

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Dumfries and West
Mail bosses apologise for delivery delays

CHANGES to postal deliveries in Dumfries have been branded ‘a big disaster’ by industry sources in the town - but Royal Mail insists customers are receiving mail ‘as frequently as possible’.

Royal Mail recently altered delivery routes, including the route sizes, and also changed delivery times locally.

And, according to one source this has been a big disaster, leading to huge delays with letters. There are also claims that parcels and special deliveries now have priority over other items of mail, with some letters and leaflets ‘left sitting undelivered for days’.

Royal Mail this week confirmed that changes had taken place and that some difficulties in the area were being encountered, however they say action is being taken to address these issues.

A Royal Mail spokesperson told the Dumfries Courier: “We apologise to customers for any delays they may have experienced in some parts of Dumfries.

“The vast majority of mail and parcels are delivered safely and on time.

“In recent weeks we have implemented revisions to our postmen and women’s routes in Dumfries to ensure they reflect changes in the local area, such as new residential developments, and are fairer and more balanced to reflect the growth in parcel deliveries.

“Unfortunately, these changes also coincided with a higher than normal rate of sickness absence alongside resourcing issues in the local area which placed additional pressure on the operation.

“Due to the number of staff absent, we have been rotating deliveries in the area so that our customers receive their mail as frequently as possible.

“We are working hard to resolve the situation.”

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