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Lorna highlights symptoms

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By Euan Maxwell
Lorna highlights symptoms

A CARE worker who has contracted coronavirus has urged others to stay at home.

Lorna Keene, who is from Dumfries, has shared her ordeal and pleaded with the public to stay indoors after testing positive for Covid-19.

The 25-year-old started feeling unwell on Sunday night and her work sent her straight to be tested. She found out she had tested positive on Thursday, despite not having the main coronavirus symptoms – a cough or a temperature.

Lorna said: “I wanted to raise awareness that you don’t have to have these main symptoms but still have coronavirus. I basically had no sense of taste or smell on Sunday and because I work in a care home I was able to be tested. I have been having a build up of phlegm in the back of my throat and it’s getting worse by the day. I’m now suffering from shivers, sweats. I’m also breathless, feeling sick and have severe stomach pains.”

Lorna – who now lives and works in Newcastle – expects it will get worse before it gets better and has encouraged people to follow guidelines, saying: “I still see people hanging out with other people drinking and going on like nothing’s wrong and it’s not right. It makes me so angry.

“Getting coronavirus has shown me how easy it is to catch it. “People like us want to be able to see their families, friends, kids etc, but if people still go on like this we are going to get nowhere.”

She added: “Please take my advice now and stay safe. I’m now dealing with not being able to cuddle my own son, or being able to snuggle him into bed at night.”


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