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Loose dog concern

By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Loose dog concern

A DOG on the loose is causing concern in Waterbeck.

The lost beagle named Gypsy was first spotted in villagers’ gardens and fields just after Christmas.
And sightings are now being reported on Facebook on a daily basis with worries growing about the dog’s health.
Its owners have been traced via a nationwide lost dog website and are living in Lancashire. They were in Dumfriesshire over two months ago when the dog, which is believed to be used for hunting, went missing.
So far they have twice returned to the area in bid to catch her – but have returned home unsuccessful.
Residents have been able to take photos of the dog, but it has run off before anyone has been able to catch it.
It visits different properties for food and has been seen eating salt off the roads.
Writing on the village Facebook page last week, Susan Crawford said: “We did try to call it and catch it but to no avail. Seems to be moving around the centre of the village via the gardens rather than the road. I had put out food for the birds and I think that is what attracted it to the garden.”
Emma Back also said: “Saw the dog in Waterbeck on my way home at 10pm and I got out of the car and walked towards i. Got about five metres off and I went to grab it, but it took off.
“It was eating a bit of crushed up cardboard on the road.”
And just yesterday Andrew White said: “Gypsy still on the run. Just been in for a bite of dinner but wasn’t keen on coming near any of us.”


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