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Lockdown oak to be planted

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By Fiona Reid

TEN artists will commemorate the two-year anniversary of the first coronavirus lockdown today.

A ceremonial oak tree will be planted in the grounds of Dumfries Museum at 2 pm with council leader and depute leader, Elaine Murray and Rob Davidson, in attendance.

The planting of the new ‘Dumfries Oak’, signifies a new beginning for the town, one founded on the shared experiences of everyone affected by the events of the last two years.

Museum curator Judith Hewitt will receive a limited-edition Atlas Pandemica atlas on behalf of Dumfries Museum, which will enter the museum’s collection, becoming part of the town’s local history during the Covid -19 crisis.

The project is part of the ‘Atlas Pandemica: Maps to a Kinder World’ public art project in association with Dumfries Galloway Council

Those involved highlight that Atlas Pandemica is just one of the many examples of where creativity is filling in for lost essential services as a result of the pandemic and is proving critical to many people’s wellbeing.


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