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Loch sex shock

By Fiona Reid
Loch sex shock

A CAR park in Lochmaben has been listed on a national website as a popular meet-up location for ‘doggers’.

It has emerged that the parking area at Castle Loch is noted on website Swinging Heaven as a good area for like minded doggers – people who enjoy engaging in and watching sexual activities in public – to meet. A statement posted online by an anonymous member claims that the area is quiet even during the day and that they ‘rarely leave disappointed’.

Part of the comment reads: “Quiet car park, occasional fisherman during day. Wooded area for private meets, also bird viewing hut on edge of loch when not being used by twitchers.”

However, another poster commented in September 2015: “Been here many times, never seen any action of any kind.”

Despite the listing being made nearly two years ago, it is still being flagged up globally via the Google Alerts system. And it has been seen nearly 4000 times.

Shocked by the post, Inspector Gordon of Lockerbie said: “Lockerbie police have not received any notification of public sexual activities or the interest referred to as “dogging”.”

The Inspector went on to warn that the public act is highly illegal.

He said:  “In relation to “dogging” activities people should be aware that there are laws to protect members of the public from being unwilling witnesses to sexual behaviour or being intimidated when they are in public areas.”

He added: “Sexual activity in public areas where others may be offended is illegal.

“Should the police receive any reports of this nature then we will treat it seriously and investigate appropriately.”

However the car park is not the only site to have been listed locally in recent years.

Previously Lockerbie’s Cemetery Bray car park was identified as a dogging meet up area.

However after the site listing the area, which has links to the Lockerbie Air Disaster, was notified of the area’s links to the disaster, the website respectfully decided to remove the listing.

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