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FARM massey

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By Fiona Reid

LITTLE AND LARGE . . . 60 years of advancements in farming were captured in one image by Annan farmer Stuart Barbour. On the day Stuart took delivery of his new Massey Ferguson 7718 S Dyna-6 tractor, he posed the new machine next to his grandfatherÕs MF 35, bought in 1961. The vintage tractor fell into disrepair after many years of use on Jock WyllieÕs farm and it was refurbished by Stuart in 1997, when he was just 14. This project kicked off a life-long love of Massey Fergusons and he currently boasts an unrivalled collection of 60 different models, including some rare and highly sought-after models

Annan and Eskdale, Front

19th Jul

Sex assault probe

By Christie Breen | DNG24