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Listeria cheese alert

By Rod Edgar
Dumfries and West
Listeria cheese alert

A LISTERIA outbreak at a creamery near Dumfries has sparked an alert — and the recall of two affected cheeses.

Loch Arthur Creamery at Beeswing, pictured above, have recalled all batches of Crannog and Killywhan cheeses after the discovery of Listeria monocytogenes.
And as people stock up on festive fare, there are warnings of risks to the elderly, pregnant women, newborn babies and people with weakened immune systems.
A statement issued on Wednesday evening by the Food Standards Agency said: “Loch Arthur is recalling all affected products from its customers.
“A point of sale notice will be sent to all businesses that sell the products, explaining to customers the reason for recall and the actions they can take if they have bought any of the affected products.”


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