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Like father, like son!

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By Zac Hannay
Annan and Eskdale
Like father, like son!

NEWINGTON Primary pupil Orrin Mackay will follow in the footsteps of his father when he takes part in the Hole in the Hedge Ceremony on Annan Riding of the Marches day next month.

Thirty-four years ago Orrin’s dad, Oliver, completed the feat with his twin brother Neill. They remain, to this day, the only twins to check the boundary.

Each year a boy from the town is chosen to be ‘skelped’ through the hedge at Landheads.

And this year Orrin has been picked. The eight-year-old, who is in Primary 3, will look out for any approaching marauders.

The fixture is an important part of riding of the marches day, with principals, committee and visitors all stopping at the site.

Oliver said: “I can remember it back then, being the two of us, (me and my brother) it was quite nice.

“Orrin has been telling me he’s been watching a video at school about it.

“I feel like being a part of it is the best way for him to learn about it.”

Running the Corner House Hotel means Oliver is always a part of the events. The AROM ball will take place there in the midweek before the big day.

Oliver added: “We are fully a part of it, and we are looking forward to all the events.”

Meanwhile, an excited Orrin said: “I’m looking forward to it!”


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