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Let us lead

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By Newsdesk
Let us lead

CONSERVATIVE councillors have hit out at the disintegration of the SNP and Labour administration.

And they say it’s time for their party, which has the most elected councillors, to take the reins for the region.

Tory group leader Gail Macgregor, pictured, said: “We are bitterly disappointed that the SNP/Lab/Lib/Ind coalition have yet again ignored the democratic will of the electorate in Dumfries and Galloway. This proposed change of leadership is little more than deck chair moving, and the public will see through it.

“The resounding December by-election victory in Galloway and Wigtown West saw the 17th Conservative Councillor, Richard Marsh elected on first preferences with 52 per cent of the vote. The electorate of Dumfries and Galloway vote Conservative but get SNP/Lab/Lib.”

She added: “The current and proposed Administration talk of collaboration and inclusion but continue to exclude the largest party on the council and now, only seven months into their chaotic alliance, it is clear they are desperately clinging on to power by offering a change to the leadership and a promotion to Councillor Brodie, a lone Liberal.

“Scottish Labour Leader, Anas Sarwar has repeatedly stated that there would be a change to the Leadership in D&G, that it was only an interim arrangement, that the Labour group could not be in coalition with the SNP, yet he seems content to oversee them continuing in coalition.

“The Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Group will continue to put the interests of Dumfries and Galloway and its people first.”


07th Jun

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