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Lazy nights

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By Fiona Reid
Lazy nights

A CUP of tea, chocolate and tracksuit bottoms - what do these things have in common?

They are Britons’ top ingredients for the perfect night in.

According to new research, the best nights in involve getting away from work by 5.30pm, unwinding with a cup of tea and some Dairy Milk chocolate and lazing on the sofa in tracksuit bottoms by 7.10pm.

The study of 2000 adults sought to determine the formula for a perfect night in.
And results showed Brits are opting to hibernate in front of the telly for up to five nights a week after the clocks go back.
More than half of those in a relationship would have the place to themselves rather than the company of their partner if they were to truly enjoy a relaxing night in.
That night would involve 26 minutes of gossip on the phone with mum or best friend, followed by an easy dinner on the sofa, preferably Chinese takeaway. A cup of tea on the side – not wine – was the drink of choice.
From 8pm all calls are ignored to fit in at least two and a half hours of television or film – with Great British Bake Off the most popular, followed by Game of Thrones.
And while you are watching you’d be snacking on crisps, chocolate or ice cream.
Additionally, you would fit in five websites, read three articles online and ten pages of a book or magazine.
Bedtime would come at 10.52 pm.
How would your ideal night in unfurl?

The survey was commissioned by Yale to mark the launch of National Home Security Month.