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Langholm folk give views on hub project

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Langholm folk give views on hub project
LANGHOLM ALLIANCE . . . Tourism Officer Sharon Tolson, Vice Chairman Billy Young and Community Enterprises Manager Donna Hislop

THE LANGHOLM Alliance hosted an open day on Wednesday to show off their plans to redevelop the old primary school and town.

Residents were welcomed into the Town Hall from 10 am to 6 pm to meet with members of the group and hear all about their development plans, the results of their public consultation, and an updated version of their community plan.

Two proposed plans for the old primary school were on display at the hall, as well as several categories showing what the Langholm Alliance have achieved so far and what they are aiming to do in the future.

Categories ranged from children and young people, arts and culture, heritage, tourism, infrastructure and energy, health and social care, sports, leisure and outdoor activities and the newly-added Tarras Valley Nature Reserve section. Attendees could read through the Langholm Alliance’s plans and annotate each different section with notes and feedback of how locals wanted the development to improve in the town.

Project assistant Michelle Nichol said: “Langholm is a natural home to small businesses and enterprise, including modern textile manufacture and craftsmanship.

“Our vision for 2030 is for Langholm to be an even better place for people to stay, work, and visit.

“By 2030 Langholm will be a celebrated hub for small business and quality textiles, and a renowned visitor destination for its natural environment, its rich heritage, and its quality produce.”


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