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Kind-hearted Olivia sets up egg hunt

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By Euan Maxwell
Annan and Eskdale
Kind-hearted Olivia sets up egg hunt

ANNAN was sent on an Easter egg hunt by seven-year-old Olivia Little on Wednesday.

Keen to soak-up some sunshine and make the most of the school holidays, she got her mum, Michelle, to help her organise the event, which saw kids from across the town descend on the streets in pursuit of hidden chocolate.

The mother and daughter planted ten eggs around Annan, then posted clues of their whereabouts to the ‘Olivia’s Easter egg hunt 2021’ Facebook group, which quickly grew to over 50 members.

Michelle said: “She’d bought Easter eggs and it was just to get out and get a bit more exercise when we could. She was hiding them in different bits and posting clues on Facebook for kids to go and find them. There’s a couple that haven’t been found, but I got a private message from somebody yesterday saying there there were a group of teenagers that got one and they were sitting scoffing it, and we knew that was bound to happen. She was fair chuffed with people posting on Facebook saying thank you and all that, she was fair pleased.

“Some of them were quite quick, I don’t know if they just happened to be out at the time; we put a wee note in it saying what the link was to the Facebook page.”

She added: “It’s just trying to get the kids out as well, especially as we’ve had lockdown and been stuck in, so it’s just about getting into the habit of getting into the fresh air and stuff.”


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