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Kenny’s slimmer figure leaves viewers worried

By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Kenny's slimmer figure leaves  viewers worried

AN ANNAN man’s return to TV after an eight month absence and two-stone weight loss left concerned viewers worrying for his health.

ITV’s Kenny Toal left screens in May when he took on a new operations manager job with the television company.

However it was lights, camera, action for the experienced TV anchor earlier this week when he was drafted in to cover North East Tonight and Lookaround for a two-day stint, starting on Wednesday.

But his long absence on TV and change in weight left viewers puzzled, many coming to the conclusion that the TV journalist  had been off screen due to an illness.


TWEET . . . some worried fans took to Twitter 

Seeing the funny side, Kenny, a former Annandale Observer reporter, said: “There was a really big reaction and to be honest I was really surprised by that. I thought people might have forgotten about me.

“It was great to get such a nice reaction but it was also really funny how so many people put two and two together and presumed that I had been ill.

“I’ve even had a card just this morning hand delivered by a viewer saying they enjoyed seeing me back on TV and that they hope that I’m on the mend, which I find hilarious.”

The dad-of-three joked he had dropped three ‘dress sizes’ since he last appeared on the news channel through healthy eating, in particular cutting out bread, and exercise.

beforeBEFORE . . . Kenny a year ago before his weight loss and TV absence with Pam Royle

Kenny said: “At the back of my mind I did wonder what people would make of seeing me back in the first place, combined with the fact that I’ve lost weight.

“The web team have spent an hour the next morning replying to people saying that I’m fit and well and telling them not to worry.

“I don’t know if and when I’ll be back on the telly again but it’s nice to know that after all this time I’m not forgotten.”

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