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Jackie’s Queen of fundraising

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Jackie’s Queen of fundraising

A ‘CHAMPION’ fundraiser won’t be ‘stopped now’ as she attempts to ‘break’ her £50k target.

Lockerbie’s Jackie Armstrong, 47, is just £2000 away from raising £50,000 for charity Maggie’s Cancer Caring. The mum-of-three became a hospital regular after being diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and diagnosed for a second time 18 months ago.

During her time as a patient in Edinburgh she discovered Maggie’s,adrop-in centre that offers help to anyone who has been affected by cancer.

She said: “Maggie’s mean so much to me. After my chemo they supported me, those were really bad times, and they still support me now.

“They have between 80 and 90 people walk through their doors each day and as a nongovernment funded project they totally rely on funding and fundraisers like myself.

“It costs them £12,000aweek to stay open and since they have helped me so much I want to give back.”

Over the years Jackie has organised mass zip slides across the Nith, ran over hot coals and even skydived in an effort to make sure Maggie’s door will always be open.

Now the grandmother-of-one is hostingaQueen tribute night at the Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries, next month and looks set to smash her £50k target and aim to raise £100k.

She said: “I would love to raise £100k but at the end of the day it’s not about how muchIraise it’s about helping others get the same support I received and am receiving now.

“Maggie’s means everything to me, the support they can offer and their relaxed out of hospital environment is life saving.”

She added: “I’ve done a lot of physically demanding charity events in the past soIthought a tribute night, a night of laughter and celebration, would be a great event to help me tip that £50k target.

“After this event there will definitely be more on the cards.”

■ We Will Rock You—aTribute to Queen takes place on Friday August 19 at the Easterbrook Hall. Tickets are available from Jackie or Claire by calling 07925284450 or 07765770029


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