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It’s gala day – but not as we know it

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By Fiona Reid
It's gala day - but not as we know it

IT should be a day of celebrations, parades, cheers and crowded pavements.

But coronavirus has put paid to this year’s Lockerbie Gala and Riding of the Marches.

However, one street in the town will be still be marking the day today.

Residents in Livingstone Place are planning their own knees up and have even put up bunting as usual.

Determined to mark the occasion, there are plans for neighbourly bingo and even a crowning ceremony, all at a distance of course.

Pictured preparing are, left to right: Michael Thomson, Jen McLeod and Roger Claymore.

Meanwhile, gala chairman Ian McLatchie will make a proclamation on the High Street at 9.30 am today. His speech will be videoed and posted online.


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