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It’s flu jab time

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By Fiona Reid
It's flu jab time

PARENTS locally are being urged to 'trust the facts' and make sure their child is vaccinated against flu this winter.

South Scotland MSP Emma Harper, a former nurse, is also encouraging all people entitled to a flu vaccine to get one.

This week, the Scottish Government launched its annual national flu vaccination programme – with a focus on people with health conditions and children aged 2-5.

Every year thousands of children are hospitalised with flu. Even healthy children can become seriously ill from it. Protecting children can also stop the virus from spreading to family, friends and others.

To date more than 1.6 million doses of the nasal vaccine have been given to 2-11 year olds as part of the Scottish childhood immunisation programme. But more parents and carers are being urged to take up the offer.

Everyone aged 65 and over, pregnant women and people at most risk of serious illness are offered the flu vaccination by the NHS.

Commenting, Ms Harper said: “I am encouraging everyone entitled to a flu vaccine to get one as we approach the winter season. Getting your kids vaccinated is free and only takes a few minutes – but it helps to protect against the flu bug for around a year.

“The flu is no joke. There’s plenty of misinformation about vaccines online – but it’s important that parents across Dumfries and Galloway trust the facts.

“Staff at NHS Dumfries and Galloway are doing a tremendous job with a potential tough time of year ahead and we should all do our bit to not add unnecessary pressure on the health service.”



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