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Is this your pen?

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By Euan Maxwell
Annan and Eskdale
Is this your pen?

THE hunt is on for the owner of a lost pen!

It comes after Angi Bone saw a man looking in depth for something around the veg aisle at Annan’s Aldi store on Tuesday.

Angi, from Lockerbie, asked the man if he was okay and if she could help him and he explained that he had won a pen over 40 years ago and had lost it under the railings.

She added: “It was a Jaguar one and it was sentimental to him. I helped him look but we couldn’t it see it so he then left.

“But I carried on searching for him and found it. I went to look for him in the store and also the car park but couldn’t see him.”

After Angi handed the pen over to Aldi employees, she posted the story on Facebook with hundreds of people sharing it in the hope the man in question would see it.

However, the pen was still in the hands of Aldi on Thursday afternoon.

Angi added: “He was a lovely gent. We had a nice chat around the pen and how he came to have it, he joked at least it wasn’t a car he had lost.

“If anyone knows this lovely man please let him know the staff at Aldi that know him now have his pen ready for him to collect!”

  • Reporter Euan Maxwell and the pen are pictured above