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Is aviation site haunted?

By Christie Breen
Is aviation site haunted?

CLAIMS of hauntings at Dumfries Aviation Museum have prompted an investigation by Scottish Paranormal, and the results are puzzling.

A team of ghost hunters made multiple visits to the Heathhall museum earlier this year to research the strange goings-on. They focused their investigation on the historic control tower after reports of phantom planes as well as unexplained noises, voices and footsteps.

After numerous visits to the museum over a number of weeks, the team published their findings on the Scottish Paranormal website, along with a seven-minute video on the Haunted Scotland’s Facebook page which documented some of their encounters during the investigation.

According to the recently published investigation report, the ghosthunters concluded the following: “The investigation at Dumfries Aviation Museum proved to be a fascinating venture, offering insights into an increasing number of witness reports emerging from the area.

“These responses provide a nuanced understanding of the various entities believed to inhabit RAF Dumfries Aviation Museum. The detailed nature of the questions and the specific responses captured point towards a complex spiritual landscape at the site.

“Further analysis and correlation with other findings from the investigation will be essential in forming a comprehensive understanding of the paranormal phenomena observed at the museum.”


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