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Inspector hails gala goers for good behaviour

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By Fiona Reid
Inspector hails gala goers for good behaviour

POLICE have hailed this year’s Lockerbie Gala a success.

Lockerbie Police Inspector Gordon McKnight was delighted that the town gala passed without too many incidents spoiling the day.

He said: “As predicted there were a few young people intent on causing problems at the afternoon entertainment at McJerrow Park.

“However, these people were quickly dealt with, before they managed to impact on the enjoyment of the families in attendance.”

Two 17-year-olds and one 14-year-old were arrested for disorder and alcohol related offences.

Mr Mcknight added: “It is a shame that the lifting of the drinking in public bylaw ends up having a negative impact for some on Gala Day.Afew end up wandering about with their ‘carry-outs’ and drink far too much just because they can.

“A couple of others were arrested later for an assault and a vandalism, but there was little impact on the day’s events.”

He added: “With both the Gala and the Eden Festival on over the same weekend we were kept busy, but I do enjoy working at local events such as the gala and I am pleased that my staff contributed to making the day a success for everyone and for those involved in organising the event.”



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