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In the dark

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By Fiona Reid
In the dark

SATURDAY night entertainment had to be improvised chez Reid after the lights went out and stayed out.

It was too dark to put on our own version of Strictly and with a sleeping toddler in the house, singing was a no-go.

So, by the light of the fire we told stories and made up quizzes by candlelight, just like in the ‘olden days’.

The older children were enchanted and enjoyed the excitement of going to bed by torchlight.

And given what’s been going on just down the road in Cumbria, we knew how lucky we were when the power was back on the next morning.

Watching the flood victims sorting through their sodden belongings has been heartbreaking and I, like many others, have been moved to make up a box of donations and Christmas presents.

The human spirit has definitely shone out over the last few days and that’s always something to hold on to when a crisis hits.






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