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Images theft shock of Twitter page stunners

By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Images theft shock of Twitter page stunners

A TWITTER page, criticised as being distasteful, has been stealing images of females from Dumfries and Galloway and reposting them to its followers.

Twitter page @Ukstunners1 boasted that it featured pictures of the ‘best in the UK’ and encouraged girls over the age of 18 to direct mail their photos to them for a chance to feature.

However the page, which has now been removed, also uploaded a host of snaps of women from Gretna, Lockerbie and other towns in the region — without their permission or knowledge.

The site’s profile image featured a Gretna girl in a swimsuit, without her permission.

Some of the site’s seedier followers even took to re-sharing pictures of the girls with their own comments added.

Community Constable Ian Brownrigg, of Lockerbie Police Station, has issued a warning to locals to be mindful of what they put online.

He said: “Police would remind persons to be careful what they post on social media sites. “If your page is not secure then anyone can access the page and take your photos and use them for their own purposes.”

He added: “Please ensure that you regularly check your security settings to ensure that your page is not open for anyone to access.

“If you do not want your pictures getting into the wrong hands then don’t post them online and keep them private.

“Report any activity to the site direct or if it’s anything criminal contact Police Scotland.”


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