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Dad’s in charge

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By Fiona Reid
Dad's in charge

I KNEW it was a bad idea leaving my husband to dress the baby yesterday . . . He must have just closed his eyes, dipped his hands in the drawers and hoped for the best.

And even when I pointed out exactly why the top was not made to go with those dungarees, he still could not see his fashion faux pas.
While his attempt was more passable than previous occasions, any mother could have told you the outfit just didn’t go together. What’s worse, the wee one looked like she was stuffed into it and must have been uncomfortable all day.
Before leaving the house I had contemplated leaving instructions, but decided against it. After all, he’s a grown man and father-of-three . . . surely he can dress an 11-month-old?
Never again will I be so naive.
In the past I’ve found the eldest child wearing the middle child’s too small clothes; winter wear in summer and vice versa; party clothes for at-home days and other wildly inappropriate combinations.
But the worst offender was actually my dad. I picked up the eldest from a sleepover at his house when she was about 2 and proceeded to change her for lunch. That’s when I discovered he’d dressed her that morning by putting her clothes straight on top of her pyjamas.
How we laughed.

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