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How well do you know The Queen?

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By Fiona Reid
How well do you know The Queen?

TAKE our special royal jubilee quiz and see how much you know about Her Majesty!

1. What is the Queen’s favourite flower?

2. At what time does the Queen’s usually go to bed?

3. What is the Queen’s full name?

4. Which colour does she wear the most?

5. What kind of music does she hear every morning upon waking?

6. Name her favourite type of dogs?

7. When is her actual birthday?

8. Where did she get married?

9. When was she crowned?

10. How many Prime Ministers have served her?

11. Which football team does she reportedly follow?

12. Which other world currency, apart from the British pound, bears her face?

13. Who was Peggy?

14. Which language does she speak fluently?

15. How tall is the Queen?

16. What colour are her eyes?

17. How many great-grandchildren does she have?

18. She hates chocolate – true or false?

19. How many thrones does she have?

20. Name one of her favourite TV shows?

Answers will be printed here at 3pm!

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