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How to win at quizzes

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By Fiona Reid
How to win at quizzes

LOTS of people enjoy a quiz at Christmas but how prepared are you for the questions that may come up?

Luckily research by gaming experts NewCasinos reveals the top ten need-to-know quiz topics according to Google.

Their analysis looked at data from the top 100 websites for quiz questions and discovered the most frequently mentioned topics in the UK.

And they are:


James Bond

World Cup

Solar System

Henry VIII

United States

Great Britain

Human Body

World War

Olympic Games

So, top ideas for revising include learning London landmarks; know the Bond actors, baddies and theme songs; World Cup knowledge, especially the winners; the order of the planets; all Henry VIII’s wives and British monarchs in general; the US states and presidents; the scientific names for parts of the body; key war dates and battles; the colours of the Olympic rings and big winners.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from NewCasinos said: “While competitive players research quiz topics like it’s a full-time job, our findings highlight the most likely topics to occur before you head down to your local quiz night.”

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