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How to vote

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By Marc Mclean, Local Democracy Reporter
How to vote

RESIDENTS in the region have been given a simple breakdown on how to vote in this week's ‘multi-winner’ Dumfries and Galloway Council elections.

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Returning Officer Lorna Meahan, above, issued a reminder that the voting system is different for the council elections to be held on Thursday, May 5.
The single transferable vote system (STV) will be used to elect between three and four councillors across each of Dumfries and Galloway’s 12 electoral wards. A total of 43 members will be elected for the region.
This system, which has been in place for council elections since 2007, is a form of preferential voting system where voters list their choices in numerical order.
Voters can vote for as many, or as few, candidates as they wish. For example, marking a 1 next to their first choice, a 2 next to their second choice, and a 3 next to their third choice and so on.
Returning Officer Lorna Meahan said: “I would encourage people to exercise their right to vote on May 5. Our polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm, are well organised, and designed with safety as a priority.
“I would like to reassure the public that arrangements, including social distancing, are in place and we look forward to seeing you on polling day.”
When votes are counted the following day, a quota is calculated for each ward by dividing the number of valid ballot papers by the number of vacancies plus one. If a candidate reaches or exceeds the electoral quota they are elected.
Surplus votes for elected candidates are then transferred to the next valid candidate in order of preference on each individual ballot paper.
Voters who are using a postal vote are asked to return their vote as soon as possible to help avoid a last-minute rush.
The election count will take place at DG One Leisure Centre in Dumfries. Results will be announced throughout the day as the count for each ward is completed.
The council wards and number of councillors to be elected to represent them are:
Abbey 3, Annandale East and Eskdale 3, Annandale North 4, Annandale South 4, Castle Douglas and Crocketford 3, Dee and Glenkens 3, Lochar 4, Mid and Upper Nithsdale 3, Mid Galloway and Wigtown West 4, Nith 4, North West Dumfries 4, Stranraer and the Rhins 4.
For further information about the election, visit the council website at


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