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How to recycle at Christmas

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By Fiona Reid
How to recycle at Christmas

ADVICE on how to dispose of common Christmas paraphernalia has been issued.

Penny pinching pros at Net Voucher Codes have come up with a list of top tips on what can and cannot be recycled this festive season.

A spokesman said: “From Christmas cards and envelopes, to foil trays and torn Christmas crackers, festive paraphernalia is aplenty in December and while much of it is recyclable, a lot of it surprisingly isn’t. When it comes to wrapping paper, one good rule to follow is the ‘scrunch test’. If it stays in a ball once scrunched it can go in the recycling, if not, just put it in the general waste bin.”

1. Christmas cards and envelopes

Do – recycle if the cards and envelopes are made of paper.

Don’t – recycle if they are covered in glitter or foil. Instead, dispose of in the general waste bin.

2. Wrapping paper

Do – remove all tags, bows, ribbons and Sellotape and try the ‘scrunch test’. If it stays in a ball once scrunched it can go in recycling.

Don’t – put it in recycling if it doesn’t stay scrunched, pop it in the general bin.

3. Food

Do – put all cooked and raw food into the food recycling bin.

Don’t – put any food in the food recycling that still has residual bits of cling film or foil, and don’t forget to remove pesky chocolate wrappers.

4. Food containers

Do – clean any disposable paper plates, trays and party cups and add them to the paper recycling bin.

Don’t – put dirty, food stained disposable paper plates into the recycling bin.

5. Glass bottles and jars

Do – swill glass bottles and jars and put them in the recycling.

Don’t – take their lids off, the lids help them to be easily sorted and recycled separately.

6. Trees

Do – break into small pieces and dispose of in the garden waste bin. If you don’t have the equipment to do this, your local council will have information on how to recycle it. Wreaths, holly and mistletoe can also go in with garden waste.

Don’t – dispose of them in the paper recycling bin.

7. Old Christmas Lights

Do – follow the electronic disposal guidelines on the set before recycling and check with the local council for recycling information.

Don’t – just chuck a set in the general bin as believe it or not, many lights can be recycled.

8. Old toys

Do – take toys out of the packaging and put them in the general bin.

Don’t – forget to take the batteries out and dispose of them at the local battery collection point. These are available at most supermarkets and can be found online.



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