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House a hound

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By Fiona Reid
House a hound

FOSTER carers for dogs are being sought by a charity in the region.

Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre are appealing for people to help look after canines who find themselves temporarily homeless.

Centre manager Fiona Clarkson said: “We are regularly asked to help by looking after dogs belonging to the elderly who are faced with an hospital stay, or by people who find themselves temporarily homeless. It must be heartbreaking to lose your beloved pet on top of a crisis or personal tragedy.”

She hopes their new welfare scheme will be widely supported, adding: “Our aim is to keep families together, and dogs are family! We invite people to come forward as foster carers. The rescue centre staff will provide training and support, and the charity will meet all expenses. We have the advantage of our kennel facilities being available for back-up if needed.”

Welcoming the project, Roz Plant, of homeless charity Shelter Scotland, said: “I realise that it is very difficult to find foster carers for dogs. It takes patience, dedication, sensitivity and an ability to form an attachment whilst knowing that it is only for a short while. It can be quite challenging to look after a dog that is separated from its owner and the environment it is used to.

“However, I believe it’s worthwhile work. Being able to keep their dog after experiencing illness or traumatic circumstances can make a such a positive difference and help most people feel more motivated to look after themselves. Having a dog gives meaning and purpose to so many people’s lives, helps with recovery, improves feelings of well-being and helps people to feel motivated to overcome their difficulties.”

To find out more about the project, call 01387 770210.

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