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Houndtrailing by Manhatten

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By DnG24 Sportdesk

CONDITIONS were anything but easy on Saturday for the rearranged fixture at Oulton near Kirkbride.


As all the fields through which the trails are usually laid resembled the nearby LakeDistrict the trail layers had to find an alternative route which made for longer trails and tired dogs as both the fields and nearby moss were saturated. Nevertheless most of the runners managed to plodge their way round.

After an unfortunate encounter with some cattle three hounds in the first trail broke away from the rest. Appearing on the last lap Text and Splendid Zac were marginally ahead of Shamballa and after running together up the last hill the Hetherington’s maiden, Splendid Zac, produced a final finishing burst to propel himself over the finishing tape just ahead of the more favoured Text.

Out of the six runners which set off in the senior maiden trail only three completed the course with the winner , Ashely Horn and Joely Bradley’s Deepdale Frank securing his first win over Spring Dancer and Ozzythelad.

As usual it was Ian and Barbara Telford’s two puppies, Tone and Tate which showed in front with the former securing her sixth win after Tate veered off course just before the last lap. Longtown based Fire Bolt was third with Delta Trix in her usual fourth place this time ahead of Buzz Lightyear.

Not all the veterans completed their race which was unusual, but of those that did Hartley Robinson and Sarah Harper’s Delta Disco turned up trumps, beating another Longtown hound Eagle Heart owned by Linda Neale.


HOUNDS: Splendid Zac, Text, Shamballa, Castle Caledonia, Test, Fire Tree 14 ran time 34.33

MAIDENS: Deepdale Frank, Spring Dancer, Ozzy the Lad 6 ran only 3 finished time 40.11

PUPS: Tone, Tate, Fire Bolt, Delta Trix, Buzz Lightyear 5 ran time 19.06

VETERANS: Delta Disco, Eagle Heart, Gambler, Spring Roamer, Class Mackintosh, Maxthelad 9 ran, time 17.27.

FIXTURES: Saturday 16th May & Saturday 23 May – MOSS PETRILL H2PM, M, P, VETS.


12th Apr

Captain Struan signs off

By Euan Maxwell | DNG24