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Hotels could have care role

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HOTELS could be used as temporary care facilities once the region’s care homes fill up.

Work started this week to transfer people from hospitals to care homes to free up beds.

But one health and social care manager stressed not all of them would get the home of their choice due to the current situation.

Speaking last Friday, Heather Collinton said: “By early next week we hope they will be on their way, but for many, not on the way to the home of their choice.”

She said it would be done on an interim basis and called for understanding from families, saying: “It does not sit happily with anyone of us at all but choices have to be reduced to keep things as safe as possible.”

Ms Collinton also revealed that hotels are their plan B option.

She said: “When care homes fill to capacity, we are not far off at the moment, we are looking at other solutions.

“Another discussion at moment is where we can put them . . . whether that is hotel rooms or whatever, we do not know. We are trying to think ahead as far as we can. It’s very difficult, it changes every hour.”

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